March 7, 2010

The Sophomore Post

we're not in peru yet, so what do i post about now? i could do a mommy blog post and introduce you to half-o, but that could wait until her 16 month mark next week. i could detail all the packing and preparation i'm avoiding - but the avoidance really hinges on not thinking about it. i could do a farewell chicago post with all the things i'll miss - but we'll be back in a year or so and really, i think the thing i'll miss most is not having to boil the water, and that's not really chicago specific. winter isn't the best time to be nostalgic about chicago - maybe pizza, family, friends? though not in that order ...sometimes in that order. i do like pizza. the archaeologist and i were once discussing my like of pizza, and in an effort to quantify my like, i said that i could eat it everyday - said it without an ounce of flippancy. and that was once tried - well, for a week or so - and i succeeded - happily. but chicago has ruined me for just any pizza. in college i worked at domino's and never tired of eating its pizza. but i had some a little while ago, and it was just awful. perhaps it tasted better when it was free? or perhaps i've had very very delicious pizza for the past 7 years. so thank you chicago, thank you (in no particular order): edwardos, giordanos, bricks, medici, leona's, marcellos, due, pizanos, and many others whose names i can't remember or never knew.

(i know i promised pictures and should accompany this post with pics of us enjoying yummy pizza - or even just pics of yummy pizza, but i am currently connecteing to the internet via dial-up, and it just takes too excruciatingly long - but there will be pics ...eventually)


Annie and Dan said...

Dan would sincerly disagree with you :) He LOVE Domino's, but also think that is due to a lack of other great pizza places.

Seymour Chase said...

i wonder if it's because that was the only pizza place in town - he must be adding a nostalgia flavor to it.