May 14, 2010

año y medio

I hope you appreciate the ñ - that was no little feat - I had to call for back-up. But(t) had I not put it there and gone with a standard n, a much different post would be in order.

So, Half-O is 18 months old!
I've been trying to decide on a theme for her 1.5 birthday post - so many awesome tidbits - she cracks us up. I figure I'll just give you a sampling instead ...a pu pu platter:

She seems to particularly enjoy colloquialisms. For example:
"What's up foo foo?"
"okay dokey smokey"
She gets a kick out of saying them - like it's so quaint - isn't it a hoot to talk like the masses?
She also enjoys taking a hat (or bowl) off her head, bowing slightly and saying "madam" or "sir". Apparently she's already bored with standard speak and more common social mores like hand shaking - or she thinks she's bourgeois ...poor girl.

She's a budding botanist. They're not just flowers - they're roses, daisies, hibiscus, dandelions, tulips, or daffodils (which is the default flower when she doesn't know the name ...because I don't know the name to tell her) - oh and may I interject a back story on the flowers (it'll be like Lost - just do the zchwooomp sound in your head) - she learned about daffodils from a book (winter) while we were still in Chicago. Then we got here and it being summer, there were a lot more flowers - so first I pointed out roses since we had some in our front yard - and she started singing "ring around the rosies" - she likes making connections like that. Next were daisies - when I told her the flower was called a daisy, she looked at me with a clever gleam and said "whoops-a-daisy?" (she's been saying that since Thanksgiving - her version of uh-oh) - and now that's what she mostly calls them. And after I pointed out a hibiscus, I said, "can you say hibiscus," and she said "Hi, biscus!". She can also identify palm trees, ficus trees, pine trees, and cacti - she even knows to say cacti when there are more than one. I'm sure she could identify more if I could. It's no good that I'm already short on knowledge - I was hoping I could make it to chemistry or calculus.

Finally, I bought The Archaeologist a travel alarm clock (not an awesome tidbit, but we'll get there). It's a bust - it doesn't wake him. It does wake me up and I nudge him, but that's not going to work in the field. Anyway, Half-O likes it. It has a little cover that flips back and works as a stand. She flips it down like it's a cell phone and in a manner akin to the newspaper editor in Spiderman she says "Hello? Cheese Sandwich!".

May 3, 2010

A High-Class Blog

appetizing, no?