February 16, 2010

The Seymour Chase Blog, An Introduction

Had I actually started posting on this blog when I first set it up (Oct. 2009), I would have felt the need to include a small plea to Mr. Salinger asking that he not sue me for a post title like that. He was a bit litigious, as you may know, and clearly the title resembles one of his works (of course, "Introduction" also resembles the beginning of many published works). Now that he has passed, however, the title seems more like an homage, and while I am a fan - Franny and Zooey are my favorites, and Boo Boo reminds me of my sister-in-law - I'm not really that kind of a fan.

I just like the name Seymour. My husband (The Archaeologist) does not. It has been emphatically vetoed for any of our children, and we don't have a pet, a boat, or an Etsy store, so I've yet to christen anything Seymour. In deciding to start a blog, it was an obvious choice. Plus, there's a fun little wordplay in there, and what would a Chase blog be without a little wordplay? With this blog you'll see (Sey) more (mour) of the Chases - just awful, right? So even though we're moving to another country for a year, many of you will be seeing more of us than you did when we were in the same hemisphere (well, we'll still be in the western one, just not the northern one).

And thus we segue nicely to the second part of this intro (I swear future posts will have more pics and less words). We're moving to Peru for a year. The Archaeologist has some research to do while our daughter (Half-O) and I (The Archaeologist's Wife) explore the ginormous city of Lima, documenting our adventures here. Here will be my field notes.