March 30, 2010

Olive trees and justification for always forgetting the camera

San Isidro is a neighborhood here in Lima - quite a nice neighborhood – and it has a park called El Olivar. As the name may suggest, it is filled with olive trees (not a tree that is indigenous to Lima) - olive trees in neat row after row. What is especially cool is that the trees were planted by the Spanish in the 16th and 17th Centuries (I'm not saying colonization is cool - just that I was looking at centuries old gnarled and twisted olive trees). Apparently people just go down there and pick their olives when it's the season (I don't yet know when that is, but do plan to find out).

Half-O enjoyed running down the rows of trees, but was more partial to the pond filled with fish.

Of course, once we reached the park I realized that we had forgotten the camera. For years we didn't even own a camera, because it was pointless - we never thought to bring it along and frankly, neither of us liked to stop and take pics. My dad finally got us a digital camera, and we managed to take it on a few outings. Soon after, Half-O came along and of course the camera got more use. Still, we're not photogs.

Luckily, other people are, and I figured I could find some pictures of El Olivar online. I did (thank you and Soldan at

I also found an awesome example of the shortcomings of automated translation: "The hobby of not yet observing birds is very common in Lima." I laughed almost as hard as when I asked The Archaeologist if he had a man. Had we remembered the camera, I never would have known there was such a hobby.

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