March 30, 2010

Hello old friend

I pretty much stopped drinking caffeine in January or February of 2008. I had a few sips while pregnant that year, and a few gulps the next - but that's it. Prior to 2008, however, I had a bottle or can or two a day. But we were in San Isidro again running errands - literally running ...well, walking briskly and doing a lot of it while carrying Half-O. We stopped in at this one place where The Archaeologist had some archaeology equipment to pick up. The proprietor is an expat from Florida - a very personable, chummy guy - who came out to meet Half-O and me and shoot the breeze a bit. Before much breeze was shot, he offered us something to drink, and we both gratefully said "yes, please." He came out with two bottles of Pepsi - two cold bottles of Pepsi. The Archaeologist thought he was going to get two bottles of Pepsi, but it was so nice and cold, and it had cane sugar instead of corn syrup. So I drank it down.

I should have titled the post HELLO OLD FRIEND!!!!, because I was jazzed the rest of the day. I drank it a bit before 5pm, and I was having a hard time falling asleep near 2am. Furthermore, I have been exhausted since getting here. It's like I can't catch up on the sleep lost that week before leaving. I've been napping while Half-O napped and falling asleep by like 9pm.

I haven't had any since. It'd be a shame to acclimate to such awesome artifical energy again. I plan to reserve this new power for special occasions.


Chou said...

Ha! I can't have any caffeine after noon or I'm toast all night.

Beau said...

haha i love that you got to have sugar cane pepsi, it's the best! and are you referring to z as "The archaeologist"? and will you continue to do so? because it kind of annoys me, but at the same time i think it's funny.

Seymour Chase said...

sorry beau, but yes, i am - it's the anonymity he requires :)
miss you!!