April 6, 2010

Emerging Patterns

Half-O and I have fallen into a bit of a routine. Each morning, after we've awakened, had some milk, and read a book or two ...or the same book a few times, we put on our shoes and head down the street for these:

and these:

and these:

We get 2-3 avocados, 12 or so rolls, and a bunch of bananas. All of this:

cost less than $2. The rolls are delicious - they're crusty like good baguettes. The avocados are like butter - no smooshing required; you can just spread them right onto the rolls. The bananas are good as well ...I don't know that there's a wide spectrum for bananas.

Then Half-O matches me sandwich for sandwich.

Afterwards, we sweep - partly because crumbs are everywhere, but also because Half-O has discovered a love for sweeping (let's hope it endures).

Next I start a load of laundry and do the dishes from the night before while Half-O places her lego animals on the window sill (sorry - I forgot to get a picture of this) and watches the action on the street - or foregoes that to make a general mess of the place.

Turns out that hanging the laundry on clotheslines in the sun makes the chore surprisingly more enjoyable for me - some sort of Peruvian pastoral. Initially Half-O will help by handing me pieces to hang, but is soon distracted by lines of ants on the brick wall or clovers in the grass or putting a bucket on her head (sorry, I should have a picture of that too, but was too concerned about her running into a wall or falling on the cement to run and grab the camera).

We eat more sandwiches. Half-O takes a nap. We have a post-nap banana in the backyard shade.

That's as far as the pattern goes. Late afternoons and evenings are less predictable.

But today was different. Today I got to cash in on my postponed birthday. So after milk, I deposited Half-O in The Archaeologist's care and went back to bed for a couple hours. It was wonderful. I am a morning sleeper, but since being pregnant - plus the years of working prior to that - I haven't been able to sleep in much. It was very depressing to realize that I would rarely be able to sleep in again - to realize that adults are rarely able to sleep in - to realize that I'm an adult. But when you've got an awesome Archaeologist, there's respite.

Speaking of The Archaeologist - and speaking of patterns - I've noticed that being around The Archaeologist is especially fun and joyous just after he's completed a paper (yeah - I don't think I'll win any awards for that observation). On our way to Miraflores this evening (where we'd be eating my birthday dinner at Calle de Pizzas because he knows how much I like pizza), he was cracking me up. He commented on how tan I've gotten since we've been here, and I mentioned that he actually looked pretty tan as well (I have olive skin and tan easily; he does not). He scoffed at that, and replied that he looked like a Scotsman who's been slapped around.


Christopher said...

That bread brings back delicious memories. Have you found any that are hollow in the middle, filled in with cheese? Mmmmmmm....

Seymour Chase said...

i haven't seen those yet - will keep an eye out!