April 15, 2013

Don't Call it a Comeback

...cause seriously, this is not one. It's just that the other day I remembered a conversation on naming children that my sister and I had a few years ago in which I brought up the formerly popular trend where you simply take the whole name of an historically significant/renowned/honored person and then just add your surname - e.g. George Washington Ferris (inventor of the Ferris Wheel), George Washington Carver (agricultural innovator) ...and yes, you're clever - since those men became significant in their own right, someone in the subsequent generations would theoretically name their kid George Washington Carver Affleck. However, by "formerly popular" I meant well over a century ago, so unfortunately that ship sailed before they (and we) could enjoy such a poetic eponymous opportunity. Oh, and to clarify, it wasn't just George Washington's name - but that's all that's currently coming to mind. Anyway, as is our wont, my sister and I directed the dialogue into the ridiculous, and I eventually composed:

George Washington Irving Berlin Wall Street Lights ...People Oh Oh Ahhhh

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