January 22, 2011

The Seymour Chase Blog: Posting like it's Nov. 2010

I neglected to post about interesting or "interesting" events back in November and December. I plan to rectify that now - not as part of some New Year's Resolution to stop procrastinating or to be more organized. I'm not actually a fan of New Year's resolutions, except my sister Natalie's - but we can talk resolutions in March when I post about January. On to November:

My sister Natalie (of the good resolutions) came to visit for a couple weeks around Thanksgiving (which we didn't really celebrate - not because we're ungrateful or dislike the New World - I'm a Mayflower descendant - I love America - but The Archaeologist was up in the mountains and Nat had to catch a plane, so we ate at a gourmet sandwich shop - neither of us got a turkey sandwich). The visit was wonderful. We like when people visit us - you should visit us - especially those of you who live in Chicago and are currently concerning yourself with the very real possibility of frostbite if you leave your house without hat/gloves. Remember, it's summer here.

Likely the most post-worthy activity was our boat ride to some islands off the Callao port - one of which was teeming with sea lions - like thousands. As you can imagine (and I hope you are), it smelled awful. Then I donned a wetsuit and jumped in the Pacific Ocean to have a quick swim with them.

I believe the one furthest from the sea lions is me - though I thought better of that at some point - worrying that if I hung back too far, they might try to pick off the stray. In my defense, the sea lions were bigger then me and making all sorts of barking noises and defensive maneuvers to keep us from getting any closer to the island. They didn't want to swim with us, so I respected their space. It was pretty cool at any rate - less cool when I felt one swim below me.

And here's Half-O doing her best Kennedy-off-Hyannis-Port:

We did other stuff and there are other pics, but blogger or my connection is slow on the uptake tonight.

Next up: "Yule See"


Annie and Dan said...

Annie, I love your posts. I love seeing what you and Half-O are up to in a foreign country. I realize you have lots to do other than blog (and I am not one to speak about keeping up on blogs) but know I appreciate them!

Anne said...

I laughed out loud at your "picking off the stray" comment!

Mariko said...

I'm imagining that scene in Sailor Song-- You've read it, right? (only my favorite)--and I think I'd stay far away from that pack.

half o does a grand Jackie-o.

Seymour Chase said...

i haven't read it - only recently started reading more contemporary fiction. you've piqued my interest, but it's not on kindle so will have to wait til we return to the states.

Bekah said...

We all know what the potential dangers of loose seal. Keep your distance. That's kind of cool though. When do you guys get back here, btw? I just got back from a job interview in WI, Lawrence U., but tenure track this time. We'll see how it goes.