December 3, 2010

for gma in germany

so i'm quite behind on my posts. half-o turned two, my sister came to visit - during which there was a swim with smelly and seemingly not amused sea lions, and there's always all the other things i mean to post about - like half-o's distaste for the pomp and circumstance of polite society: "i don't want to say um, excuse me; i just want to yell."

but instead i'm going to post a video for half-o's grandma chase who is currently serving the good volk in deutschland:

(i know the sound of music is set in austria not germany, but it's a video wherein half-o says auf wiedersehen.)


Laura Anne said...

I love this video so much. What a doll!

Mary said...

I love the pauses, and nuances. They MAKE the song. Also, she carries a tune pretty darn well; especially when you consider who her father is. C'mon Zach, you know it was rough in that Japanese preschool.


Beau said...

so i wish to know more about the half-o complaint about society?

Bekah said...

Wow. That was awesome.