September 28, 2010

We'll always have awkward laughter

So on the phone the other day, The Archaeologist suggested that my near solitude may be affecting my sense of humor. He's been up in the mountains for 1-2 weeks at a time, coming home for 2-3 days and then heading back up. I watch The Daily Show now and then to keep informed on U.S. current events, and had hoped that as a by-product, my gauge for what's funny would also be up-to-date. Apparently not (though I in no way blame Jon Stewart). After finishing what I had thought was a funny story, The Archaeologist kind of laughed, but I'm pretty sure it was solely meant as a leavening lead-in for the above comment. Upon quick reflection, I consented that yeah, the story wasn't actually that funny and laughed at what was now funny - me. But I figured the situation couldn't be that dire if I could so quickly realize that I strayed. I wasn't in denial - no intervention necessary - just a simple outside observation to set me straight.

Then today Half-O was watching some YouTube videos of classic sesame street and animated songs meant to teach her the letter sounds while I read an e-book on the other side of the screen. When her video ended, I saw a link to a video entitled "Flashcards for Kids...", and thought Half-O might find it both interesting and informative, so I clicked on it. After about 30 seconds I was dying laughing.

Have I lost it? Is this funny? It's been viewed a ton, so I thought maybe it had been one of those viral videos that lots of people found funny, but all the comments talked about how much their kid liked it - and to be honest, Half-O did like it (though not for the whole 7 min). But seriously, tell me if this is funny:

If you can make it to 2:29, you get George Michael.

Now, I don't find it the most hilarious thing ever, but if you just clicked on it looking for another educational distraction for your child, you'd laugh too, wouldn't you? The background music is awesome (Striesand's Woman in Love??), and a lot of the words unintentionally (I assume) come out sounding sarcastic/mocking/chiding.

But please - what do you think?


Lisa said...

That voice is so random. I did crack a smile.

Jeannie said...

We must have a similar sense of humor because dang. I think this is a perfect example of the fine line between funny and scary. In this case, it's a complete draw between the "Sprockets" voice reading the cards and the instrumental version of 1980's "love songs."

Yes, funny.

Bekah said...

J and I were laughing at your post. Yes, the video is weird funny. But mostly we were laughing because we remember how awkwardly weird we were when we lived in Taiwan. I once saw another foreigner with a newborn and just gawked because she looked so weird. Then I realized that I was a foreigner with a newborn and must look as weird as she. But I couldn't remember how one properly introduces oneself to a stranger, so I just gawked some more, and then walked away. Good times.

Seymour Chase said...

thanks for trying lisa!
jeannie: i wasn't consciously thinking of sprockets - but i'm sure that's the reason german accents come off as mocking in my mind
bekah: that's totally where i'm at - i don't speak any language any more - when i meet someone that speaks english, i feel like i should still be trying to speak spanish, so now everything comes out halted and odd. i just smile a lot.

Sarah said...

Dave & I thought it was hilarious - not the laugh-out-loud kind of hilarious, but the what-the-heck? kind of hilarious. Sounds like the narrator is an adolescent version of Schwartzenegger. Oh, and Dave says you have to give credit where credit is due - it's Wham! and not just George Michael. :) Just trying to look out for Andrew Ridgeley. :)

Seymour Chase said...

thanks dave - zach mentioned that too. poor andrew ridgeley - i imagine he's often forgotten.

Kacy said...

It's weird. And funny.