May 14, 2010

año y medio

I hope you appreciate the ñ - that was no little feat - I had to call for back-up. But(t) had I not put it there and gone with a standard n, a much different post would be in order.

So, Half-O is 18 months old!
I've been trying to decide on a theme for her 1.5 birthday post - so many awesome tidbits - she cracks us up. I figure I'll just give you a sampling instead ...a pu pu platter:

She seems to particularly enjoy colloquialisms. For example:
"What's up foo foo?"
"okay dokey smokey"
She gets a kick out of saying them - like it's so quaint - isn't it a hoot to talk like the masses?
She also enjoys taking a hat (or bowl) off her head, bowing slightly and saying "madam" or "sir". Apparently she's already bored with standard speak and more common social mores like hand shaking - or she thinks she's bourgeois ...poor girl.

She's a budding botanist. They're not just flowers - they're roses, daisies, hibiscus, dandelions, tulips, or daffodils (which is the default flower when she doesn't know the name ...because I don't know the name to tell her) - oh and may I interject a back story on the flowers (it'll be like Lost - just do the zchwooomp sound in your head) - she learned about daffodils from a book (winter) while we were still in Chicago. Then we got here and it being summer, there were a lot more flowers - so first I pointed out roses since we had some in our front yard - and she started singing "ring around the rosies" - she likes making connections like that. Next were daisies - when I told her the flower was called a daisy, she looked at me with a clever gleam and said "whoops-a-daisy?" (she's been saying that since Thanksgiving - her version of uh-oh) - and now that's what she mostly calls them. And after I pointed out a hibiscus, I said, "can you say hibiscus," and she said "Hi, biscus!". She can also identify palm trees, ficus trees, pine trees, and cacti - she even knows to say cacti when there are more than one. I'm sure she could identify more if I could. It's no good that I'm already short on knowledge - I was hoping I could make it to chemistry or calculus.

Finally, I bought The Archaeologist a travel alarm clock (not an awesome tidbit, but we'll get there). It's a bust - it doesn't wake him. It does wake me up and I nudge him, but that's not going to work in the field. Anyway, Half-O likes it. It has a little cover that flips back and works as a stand. She flips it down like it's a cell phone and in a manner akin to the newspaper editor in Spiderman she says "Hello? Cheese Sandwich!".


Laura Anne said...

Can I just squeeze her now?! She sounds hilarious.

Jesse said...

Wow, what a smart girl. Miriam has been busting out all kinds of crazy, high falutin vocabulary from books. It's pretty fun.(But she's 8.) My attempts to teach the kids Maine flora have been mostly uphill. Maybe we should start with flowers.

Mariko said...

Whaaaaat? I can't believe she's talking. Like that. Goes to show that low language is a sign of genius.
I love the mustard pic. I'm dying with laughter. You'd better save that label forever and ever.

Chou said...

Go Half-O! Happy semi birthday. :)